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Multi Rehab Clinic & Hearing aid Center

Communikare gives you the best pain remedy. We are a team of qualified and experienced specialists who will examine and treat any of your orthopedic, cardiac, neurological, hearing loss, etc. issues. Whether your toddler, an infant, or an adult is in pain and cannot find relief, Communikare’s promise will make you and your family happier. In the end, health is riches.

Who We Are

Support Children and Families

At CommuniKare, you will find one of the nation’s most skilled and experienced pediatric therapy teams. They realize that parents are a child’s first and most influential teacher, and so include them in all services. Parents feel empowered and supported, and children achieve developmental milestones that many deemed impossible.

Our Vision

Educating the Patient | Enhancing Skills | Empowering Feelings | Enlightening Families Multiple Disabilities Individuals have equal rights to a higher quality of life. This can be made possible by dedicated professionalism, an accessible environment, equitable chances, positive attitudes, and suitable, inexpensive, acceptable, and accessible technological solutions.

Our Mission

Increasing the quality of life for individuals with multiple disabilities through the
participation of clients, families, professionals, and community agencies on an equal basis. To deliver need-based comprehensive rehabilitation through a team approach that facilitates inclusion empowers persons with multiple disabilities and their families, and supports field-based research and human resource development

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Your Special Child Becomes More Special

The only form of wealth that is truly difficult to attain. Assessing pain and its cause can be quite difficult at times, and a hurried lifestyle, our commitments, and stress aid us in forgetting the pain. But forgetting the pain or becoming accustomed to it is not a viable solution. At our clinic, a specialised panel first assesses your condition, then offers you the most effective treatment with special care and individualised attention, and relieves your pain. Under our supervision and direction, we will also instruct you on how to avoid experiencing this agony again.

Our Specialty

Our Exclusive Services

Child therapeutic services refer to a range of mental health treatments designed to help children and adolescents who are struggling with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues. These services may include individual, family, or group therapy, as well as a variety of other interventions designed to support children and their families. Child therapeutic services can help children and their families overcome challenges, improve communication and relationships, and develop the skills and resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges.

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What Parents Say!


This is amazing. That's all there is to know about Communikare, which offers the greatest hearing care and high-quality hearing aids for all types of hearing loss issues. Find the newest technology in hearing aids, assistive listening devices, accessories, batteries, and other products.

Srinivas Ayyappan
Srinivas Ayyappan

Amazing service and testing are nice and employees are handled slowly with adequate care. I recommended those who are searching to buy the best hearing aid at an affordable price then you will definitely go to Communikare Kundrathur.


Excellent hearing aid acquired at the Communikare Multi Rehab and Hearing Aid Centre in Kundrathur, Chennai. Currently, my hearing condition has been resolved. Long-term effectiveness will be determined after a few more months of use.


Hello to everybody! Due to his attention and speech issues, our 4-year-old child was in need of therapy at Communikare Therapy Center. He has enjoyed the sessions since the first one thanks to the lovely atmosphere the communikare therapy centre has established, which I also thought was well done by our therapists. They gave me a tonne of information for my own follow-up and were incredibly kind and courteous in their response. They appeal to my kid as well, and he looks forward to our interactions with them. I can also see how tremendously responsible, attentive, and courteous every other therapist, caregiver, and administrator was of everyone. Finally, because of all your efforts, you communicate with us extremely well and try to do so even more.

Karunakaran Thangarasu
Karunakaran Thangarasu

I learned about Communikare therapy center from Google. My 2-year-old daughter has problems with her spinal cord that keep her from being able to sit or stand on her own. For her to learn to walk, my doctor suggested physical therapy. Then I went to the Communikare therapy center, where they looked at me carefully and told me not to worry because my daughter can walk again, but it will take time. After one month, she can get up and sit down on her own. Two months later, she can stand on her own, and now she is walking with my help. Soon, she will be able to walk without my help. Her physical activities have gotten a lot better, and I'm very grateful to Communikare for that.

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