Audiological Services

Audiological Services

Communi-KARE is recognized as the greatest Therapy Center in south India.

Welcome to Communikare Hearing Aid Centre For patients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics, we provide a warm and calming environment. For this reason, Communikare has been our community’s first option for audiology care for so many years.
We offer comprehensive ear care to manage allergies and sinus issues. We also offer hearing and balancing therapies for hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, and other conditions.

Hearing loss can strike at the most inopportune times. Communikare Multi Rehab Clinic and Hearing Aid Center can assist in identifying issues that affect people of all ages. When your hearing health is in question, it is only natural to seek answers from knowledgeable professionals.

Hearing Evaluation

  • Hearing Assessments Communikare Multi Rehab Clinic and Hearing Aid Center should be your first call if you suspect hearing loss. It is never too late to undergo a hearing test, and it is always useful to assess your current hearing health. Monitoring and maintaining your hearing health will help you combat hearing loss and prevent its progression. 
  • Your medical history provides a more complete picture of why hearing loss may have occurred. Do you work in an atmosphere that is loud? Are any of your activities characterized by high noise exposure? In the same manner, as your medical history, your lifestyle might help determine the origin of your hearing loss.
  • Several tests will be performed to obtain precise findings in order to determine your present hearing level. Every individual who has an examination requires a separate battery of tests. These diagnostics will provide our staff with the information necessary to get a thorough picture of your hearing health. With the results in hand, an audiologist can provide a recommendation or formulate a treatment plan.
  • Users who fail the initial hearing screening must receive a diagnostic audiology test. It measures the kind, severity, and general physical state of the ear. Age and previous health condition decide the necessary testing. The fundamental exams include pure-tone, bone conduction, and speech evaluations. If extra testing is necessary, you will be notified before proceeding.

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