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Communikare’s Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective method for growth and transformation. In group therapy, five
to ten people gather face-to-face to discuss their challenges and concerns under the guidance
of one to two group therapists. The strength of group therapy comes in the unique chance to
obtain diverse viewpoints, support, encouragement, and feedback from other individuals in
a secure and private setting. These interpersonal encounters can help group members
increase their self-awareness and understanding of their relationships with others. Group
therapy can be a helpful and safe environment for experimenting with new ideas and
Group therapy is the most effective treatment technique for a variety of emotional
challenges, personal struggles, and relationship issues faced by college students. Counseling
Services provides a diverse selection of groups to meet the requirements of students. We are
certain that group therapy is one of the most successful and advantageous therapies for
addressing the typical problems our students confront.

Why Group Therapy in Communikare?

Communikare provides a diverse selection of groups to meet the needs of our students.
Session formats vary widely amongst groups. These are the general group types provided by

Spaces for Discussion

A place where students can interact, talk, and establish community. Students are welcome to
attend as many meetings as they deem beneficial. Despite the presence of a therapist, please
remember that these services do not constitute counselling, therapy, or treatment. However,
they may still be useful to the emotional health of the participants.

Psychoeducational Groups or Structured Groups

Structured groups, also known as psychoeducational groups, are comparable to workshops
in that each group is oriented on a single theme (anxiety, depression, etc.) and each group
session focuses on a specific topic pertinent to that theme. Typically, each group session
consists of brief group leader presentations, group discussions, and experiential activities.

Personal Exploration Groups

Process or personal exploration groups are often less structured than psychoeducational or
structured groups. There is no predetermined topic for each group session, although some
groups are focused on a particular theme—grief and loss, developing healthy
relationships—or on a specific group of individuals—women, men, or nontraditional
students. The major focus of therapy in a group environment is on interactions between
group members; however, members are encouraged to bring any topics they deem essential
to the group. Members are encouraged to provide support and feedback to one another, and
to work with the reactions and responses that the contributions of other members elicit in

Groups Combining Structure and Process

Some of the groups we provide combine both structured and process group approaches.
These groups may combine the presentation of information on specific themes with a
discussion or exchange of personal experiences pertaining to those topics.

Maximize the Benefits of Group Therapy

Be Open

Each group is distinct and operates somewhat differently. Approach the experience with an
open mind and establish precise objectives.

Believe the Procedure

Sharing in a group situation may make you feel vulnerable, but it can aid you in processing
your emotions. Often, group members share these experiences


Hearing about the struggles of others can help you gain perspective on your own challenges
and realise that you are not alone.

Assist Your Peers

Contribute your views and assistance to the group. These encouragements are potent and
facilitate deeper connections amongst members.


Each group is facilitated by qualified therapists who assist in guiding and eliciting ways for
group members to support one another and strategize approaches to addressing difficulties.


An organisation may hold you and others accountable. Between sessions and beyond,
assisting one another to adhere to a plan and address problems can be an invaluable

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