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Welcome to Communikare Play Group, the pre-school education expert and premier provider of educational services. We guarantee high-quality programs to meet the requirements of the blossoming buds. Our Play Group is well-equipped with concept rooms, learning tools, and age-appropriate educational toys. The Communikare Play Group seeks to provide children with the ideal mix between learning and play. We provide a safe, supportive atmosphere for children’s learning, development, and flourishing. We are pleased to report that we are unified in our efforts to bring out the changes in each child. Our knowledge-based curriculum prepares children for kindergarten and beyond by fostering the development of essential academic, social, and emotional abilities. Each child is assisted by our teachers in discovering a fascinating world of play and education. We invite you to our communikare’s play group to discuss the educational needs of your child.

Communikare’s Play Group and Day Care

Communi-KARE is recognized as the greatest Therapy Center in south India.

The Communikare Playgroup is a place where children’s beautiful colours come out. Knowledge, ideas, physical fitness, theatre, and music are all wrapped up in a beautiful way with fun, science, and innovation in mind. In each step, the kids get a chance to Explore,
Interact, and Perform every day.

We think learning should be fun, involve hands-on work, and also be hard for the mind. Communikare, a new company, started and made a unique, progressive, and all-encompassing core curriculum that combines the traditional Montessori method with the Kindergarten play way method. 90% of brain development takes place before age 6. Early childhood education is therefore the key to a successful start for every child.

Communikare’s Play Group Special Needs

  • The majority of children with special needs lack social skills, and their parents have discovered that it is difficult to teach them these abilities. They have tried to explain how they should behave in more ways than usual, but nothing seems to click. They are frequently at a loss as to why their children refuse to behave appropriately, but in reality, they simply lack of experience and direction.
  • Inadequate opportunities for constructive social engagement might lead to deficiencies in social skills. Children with special needs suffer difficulties, such as not being able to interact with their classmates enough to learn life-essential social skills. Children with special needs are socially incompetent in part because they lacked social connection and were unaware
    that social skills were important and beneficial for them.
  • There are children who know how to behave but lack sufficient practice to do it properly. Greeting someone may appear simple, but it requires a variety of skills, including eye
    contact, proper personal space, a clear, joyful vocal tone, and a nice body stance. Children require instruction and practice before they can perform all of these polite greeting skills.
  • Social Play Group is intended specifically for kids with special needs. This is a weekly training program that teaches, enhances, and reinforces positive social skills and qualities that can help children perform and behave better at home, school, and in public. In addition, we provide a fun, challenging, and supportive environment to help youngsters boost their self-esteem and confidence.
Daycare & Play Group

Our Class After School

Through classes after school, kids can improve their social skills, do better in school, and build strong relationships with their peers. How a child grows and changes depends on how much time they spend in classes after school.

Communikare Play School Specialities

● Improved social skills

● Better marks and improved attention spans

● Less behavioural difficulties

● Emotion Regulation
● Self-regulation

● Communication Skills

● Self-Expressive Skills

● Friendship Skills
● Discipline and Responsible

● Development milestones accomplished

● Better language development

● Less disciplinary problems
● Augmentation of social interactions

● Better life success

Parent Support

● Parenting Counseling

● Parent Wellness Programs

● Parent Education Session
● Parent Education Session

● Family Counselling

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