Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services

Communi-KARE is recognized as the greatest Therapy Center in south India.

Our center is open to such exceptional children for early intervention, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and special education. We equip young children with hearing loss with a comprehensive education in spoken language communication and prepare them for
mainstreaming. Our experienced staff utilizes a variety of teaching and training facilities to assist children in mainstreaming into normal formal schooling. With the intention of providing children with a conducive environment, we have developed a world-class facility that provides individualized solutions.

Therapeutic Assessment

  • Therapeutic services refer to a variety of treatments that aim to help individuals with mental, emotional, or physical health issues. These services are typically provided by trained professionals such as therapists, counselors, or psychiatrists, and may take place in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices. Some common forms of therapeutic treatment include psychotherapy, counseling, and medication. These treatments can help individuals overcome mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, as well as improve their overall mental and emotional well-being. The goal of therapeutic services is to help individuals improve their quality of life and reach their full potential.

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