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Communikare’s Brain Integration Therapy

Children’s Brain Integration and Synchronisation sessions consist of movement-based
activities. These movement-based activities are intended to promote brain and body
coordination. These activities emphasize Bilateral Motor Coordination, Crossing the Midline,
Cross-Lateral Movements, Muscle Toning, Balance, and Coordination. These sessions are
conducted individually and in groups. We employ music and various props to make these
sessions entertaining for children.

Brain Integration Therapy is beneficial if you or your kid struggle with learning issues or are recovering from head trauma or a brain injury, or both (BIT). Brain Integration Therapy is
blended with other natural therapies, such as nutritional assistance, in our practise.
Spectrum problems, such as ADD/ADHD, sensory impairments, cognitive, social, and
emotional abnormalities, to mention a few, have been successfully treated with Brain
Integration Therapy. To find out if Brain Integration Therapy is appropriate for you, contact
Communikare Therapy Centre now to schedule an appointment.

This set of planned, structured moves help to improve:

  • Attention, Concentration, and Focus
  • Sensory Modification
  • Enhances Meltdowns and Adaptability.
  • Muscle Conditioning
  • Equilibrium and Coordination
  • Vision’s fixation and tracking
  • Coordination of Movements bilaterally
  • Transverse Crossing
  • Improves Learning

Benefits of Brain Integration Therapy

Brain Integration Therapy at our clinic can provide you and your kid with a number of
advantages, such as:

  • Superior knowledge and organizational abilities
  • Improved behavior
  • Improved memory and psychological stability
  • Enhanced reading and mathematical skills
  • Greater social connections and self-esteem
  • Increased employment and academic performance

Brain Integration Therapy is a natural, non-invasive treatment for learning difficulties and
for reducing overall everyday stress. It can assist you or your child in avoiding drugs with
undesirable side effects. Brain Integration Therapy sessions are entertaining, encouraging,
and simple to perform.
Due to the fact that every individual is unique, our clinic specialises in designing each
client’s programme and sessions to their specific requirements. The average person will take
6-10 weekly sessions in addition to 4-5 times per week of home workouts to achieve optimal
outcomes for you or your child.
Brain Integration Therapy can assist you or your child in enhancing cognitive abilities or
excelling in school or the career. To make an appointment with our dietician or a 15-minute
consultation, contact Communikare Therapy Center now.

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